New Website!

It's been a long time coming, that's for sure. I bought the URL and started my account awhile back but the end of the Rhythm X season, some other web design projects, and the end of the school year meant that my personal site was put off. I'm proud to call it done (at least for now) so   that everyone can see it. 

I have, for the past several months, been taking on some exciting consulting projects so I've dedicated a large part of this website to telling you more about it. I've also got more info about private lesson availability and my web design projects. 

I designed this site the same way I design all of my web design projects. I don't pretend to be an expert at CSS or other design languages but I love taking the time to customize a Squarespace project just for you. I love simplistic design and I work hard to make content come first and dictate the design. Squarespace is great not only because its reliable and "easy" to design but also because it has the best solution for content management. With Squarespace updating your site (not just your blog) is incredibly easy and straightforward. 

The header has more information about contacting me. I can't wait to work together with you on your next project!