Joining The Bluecoats Year Round

Joining The Bluecoats Year Round

Today I'm excited to announce that I'll be joining The Bluecoats year round as the Business Development Manager? What does that mean? 

First - it means I will work at two Ohio non-profit music organizations full time! I am continuing in my role as CEO of Rhythm X, Inc., a job I love dearly and will continue to work very hard at.

This Superintendent Gets It

As far as I'm concerned this superintendent, these radio hosts, and any administrators that have supported the music program and music teachers of this district, deserve an award. 

It's pretty cool to hear a superintendent talk about how important music is to a quality education and to tout the hard work and dedication these students exhibit for such a worthy passion. If all administrators viewed music education and marching band in this light we'd have a much more talented, passionate, and musical society.